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Shirelle & Natalie

My name is Shirelle and this is my daughter Natalie and this is our parenting, mother daughter duo blog, Mommy and Doo! 


Mommy and Doo was created and influenced through my journey of balancing life, career, and parenthood. Natalie graced me with motherhood in 2017. Similar to a lot of young parents, She was unexpected. I was nervous, upset, and fearful of joining a new club I knew nothing about. However, every stomach kick, fetal doppler check, and ultra sound grew my anticipation of seeing her sweet face. 


I’m constantly learning and growing being a parent! So much so, I’ve felt compelled to create a community for all parents and parents to be, to communicate and support each other while raising our tiny humans. We all know it takes a village. 


Mommy and Doo will touch on several subjects interactive parent child activities, mental health, beauty tips for mommies, maintaining an active love life and more! 


We’re so excited you’re here with us. Y’all ready? Let’s go! 



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